Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions establish the rules of use by the users of the Cubapaladar Platform, applicable not only to this website, but to all related applications, including the Cubapaladar Blog, applications for mobile phones for Android and IOS and all others that may be generated in the future.

Related Applications:

  • Web Site about culinary reviews www.cubapaladar.org
  • Gastronomic web Blog www.blog.cubapaladar.org
  • IOS and Android apps.
  • E-mail newsletter and notifier.
  • Printed and digital magazine.
  • Graphic applications.
  • Social media profiles. (* subject to the terms and conditions of the social network)

Our services are offered under the condition of acceptance of these terms and conditions. By using any of our applications you confirm that you have read, and are in full agreement with, the provisions of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the established, please do not use any application related to the Cubapaladar platform.

Cubapaladar may change, at any time, the content of this agreement. The most current terms and conditions will available on theCubapaladar platform It is the responsibility of Cubapalar to notify you of any material changes to this agreement in a timely and appropriate manner. Upon notification, your continued use of the platform constitutes full agreement with the new terms.

Conditions of Use

- By accepting this agreement, you declare that you are of legal age and that you have the legal capacity and support necessary to use Cubapaladar.

- You have the right to visit and navigate the site, make use of the information published on it, register, vote, recommend, write comments, denounce and communicate with reviewers and with the Cubapaladar team by freely expressing your opinion.

- Cubapaladar is a site of information, criticism and debate; therefore, you will accept and respect the right of others to express their opinions, criticize, agree and or disagree.

- Cubapaladar will maintain, respect and enforce the opinions, criteria and criticisms (positive or negative, for or against, etc.) that you make. However, Cubapaladar reserves the right to publish comments, excluding those that may constitute any type of aggression, offense, discrimination or other type of injury against people or institutions.

- Cubapaladar requires that the email address you register, be valid and personal, in the same way ensure the security of your data in accordance with the provisions of the Política de Privacidad.

Explicit Prohibitions

  • Use Cubapaladar or its content for commercial purposes.

  • Access, monitor or copy information using any automated means or manually without our permission.
  • Violate the exclusions of robots and surpass the access control measures used.

  • Any action that represents overload in our infrastructure.

  • Use part of our sites in other sites through 'frame' or 'mirror' without our due authorization.
  • Modify, translate, adapt, edit, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any software created by Cubapaladar.
  • Reproduce the partial or total content without giving due credit to Cubapaladar.


- Cubapaladar stores the information of gastronomic establishments in order to inform its users appropriately. This information is not permanent, so Cubapaladar is not responsible for the changes that the establishments may make and not be in accordance with what has been shown, as well as any damage that may cause such information to the user.

- Cubapaladar is not responsible for the consequences that may result from the information you make public in the comments. What you write and publish is at your own risk.

- Cubapaladar is not responsible for the opinion or use that third parties may make or reference in other spaces.

- Cubapaladar will not be responsible for any type of damage that users may cause by improper use of the platform or its contents.


- Cubapaladar has the ownership of the design, reviews, news and other information, data and images of its authorship published on the site; and requires to be referenced as a source if they are used in other publications or any other scenario. The references on the internet will be made using a web link to our website or directly to the referenced content and, in the case of printed publications, our name and logo may be used, as well as any other information necessary to specify the origin of the information.

- Cubapaladar will respect at all times the copyright of the information coming from external sources, always making clear the origin and using the same methods of reference proposed for its own content. In case of links to third party content, Cubapaladar is not responsible for the availability of such links in the future.

- When you send any information (reviews, articles, photos, videos, graphics or audio) you agree to grant the right to publish, edit and translate the information sent in the manner Cubapaladar deems necessary.

Suspension of Access

- Cubapaladar reserves the right to deactivate or eliminate access to users for multiple reasons and without prior notice.

The breach and / or violation of these conditions will carry the pertinent legal demands according to the current law in the Republic of Cuba. Please do not use any product or service from Cubapaladar unless you are willing to comply with our agreement.

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